Dramatic Series

"Power meets Empire"

Tag Line: Two men at odds begin to destroy each other on wax as a bitter east coast west coast rivalry ensues. 

Summary: A reformed gun runner starts a record label to get his younger brother legitimate cash to help him fight a bitter custody battle with his murdered baby mother's parents over the departed's children. 

Damon and DeMarco Slade build the record label, BLAQ MAGIC, while bitter, former members join the rival Predator Records, run by the man who had DeMarco's wife killed.  With both men tied to the man running for mayor, they are both forced to deal with their issues on wax versus leaving bodies in the streets. 

BLAQ MAGIC has the edginess of "Power" with the music aspects of "Empire" as two rap labels battle it out on wax and in the streets, with both CEO's  holding a grudge and desire to run the city.